Olivia Cella – Not Your World (Official Music Video)
Written by : Olivia Cella
Guitar by : Geoff Doubleday
Beat by : 54 Ultra
Recorded by : Ryan Gladieux
Directed by : Hector Mejia

Lyrics –

What am I tryna say
Your words got me feeling this way
The sky turns from blue and grey
And my feelings for u do the same

How do I say this
I’m lost feelin hopeless
My lips no longer here to kiss –
N I wanna fall in love a different way
My heart is going on a roll
I hate being this vulnerable
I’m sorry I lose all control
Stop hiding what ur feeling baby
Ah love our love is lost
I never woulda thought
I’m floating here still SO attached
I love you no denying that
But I’m not your whole world baby

Our love just floated away
My feelings don’t wanna stay
I tried to bring them back
But you are just denying that

Whats there to miss
I’m clearly not in bliss
You seem so uninterested
And I can’t be stuck in your limits

I wanna fall in love that
The only one that you look at
A world that never falls flat
So I’m done feeling for you baby