What I’mma do, they ain’t prepared for ❌

GENESIS’ trio is back and if you had watched their previous cover of ‘Press’, then you are in for a ride because our girls did not hold back🔥. This trio is truly iconic and the backbones of GENESIS, where they are slaying 💅🏻 and are able to display their very powerful and strong 💪 dancing skills that’s not only within the realm of Kpop dance.

As always, we want to give a big thanks to our filmer Pia, and our editor Santi for their videography skills, where they always make the final product as best as it can be. 💗

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TSUKI – Wenny (IG: @wennykesuma)
SIYOON – Sabrina (IG: @sabrina.luong)
MOONSUA – Cheryll (IG: @cher.yll___)

Filmed by Pia (IG: @
Edited and Thumbnail by Santi (IG: @santi_1921)
GENESIS Instagram:



This video is only used for entertainment purposes. We do not own any of the music or choreography.
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