“It’s Aight” by Tsumyoki is a compelling song that delves into the complex dynamics of a love-hate relationship. This track captures the intense push and pull, the toxic allure, and the blind devotion one experiences when entangled with someone who drains their vitality. Amidst the turmoil, Tsumyoki finds solace in the phrase “It’s Aight,” reflecting the struggle of simultaneously missing and resenting their partner’s toxicity. One could metaphorically liken this phase to a beautiful yet harmful view of a storm, as the artist advises the listener to close specific windows for their well-being. From a sonic standpoint, Tsumyoki and Prophet Joegus skillfully experiment with their voices, blending melodic rap elements with a redefined singing style. The high vocal tone reflects audacity, frustration, and boldness in discussing such emotions. “It’s Aight” offers a raw and introspective portrayal of the tumultuous journey one endures when deeply in love with someone detrimental to their overall health.
Audio Credits:

Written and Performed by: Tsumyoki, Prophet Joegus
Produced by: Tsumyoki
Mixed & Mastered by: Bharg

Video Credits:

Director: Whoisdolma
Editor: Whoisdolma
Colourist: Whoisdolma
DOP: Whoisdolma
Lead Actress : Sanya Sagar @pynkmoss
Camera Assistants: Thuggerhommie, Piyush Naik
BTS Stills: Thuggerhommie
Makeup, Hairdresser: Sabrina Mascarenhas, Shamida Mascarenhas
Gaffer – Xyru and Thuggerhommie

Artist Manager/Project Manager – Shezi Iqbal
Executive Producer – Anmol Dhand
Creative Producer – Aditi Bobby