“HOMELAND” featuring the Indian Folk Metal Legend Jayant Bhadula of Bloodywood celebrates the importance of honoring traditions, protecting culture, and staying connected to one’s roots. This song blends the ancient sounds of aboriginal Taiwanese vocals and folk instruments with the raw power and energy of heavy metal. All video was shot on location in the beautiful Country of Taiwan.

【影像製作團隊 Video Production Team】

製作公司 Production|昆明兄弟 Kunming Bros

導演 Director|林宣佑 Roger Lin

製片 Producer|蔡岳鋒 York Tsai
製片助理 Production Assistant|郭冠偉 Ken Kuo

攝影師 Director of Photography|蔡岳鋒 York Tsai
B機攝影 B Camera|周佑 Tyler Chou
空拍攝影師 Aerial Cinematography|孫明瀚 Henry Sun

劇照 Still Photographer|郭冠偉 Ken Kuo

剪接師 Editor|林宣佑 Roger Lin
調光師 Colorist|周佑 Tyler Chou
特效 VFX|林宣佑 Roger Lin

彩妝師Makeup|陳品諭 Chen pin yu

特別感謝 Special Thanks|許立錡 Rhino Hsu、泊人ANKR