Your attention is presented the title track from the album “Phenomenon”. The name does not mean the phenomenon of the OTYKEN group or its music, but the manifestation of the spiritual, true light in the heart of every person. In this song, we tried to convey the idea of the soul’s desire for the light that we need both in joy and in sorrow. We sing when we are sad and when we have fun. Human life is dynamic and consists of ups and downs. In difficult time, we need support. We are looking for someone to rely on. Sometimes true friends help us, sometimes relatives do. But there are times when we can rely only on ourselves and on the Almighty.

Perhaps the song “Phenomenon” will help you find yourself, believe in yourself and find a way out of a difficult situation. We present our songs to all people on earth. Thanks for your support and donations.

Listen to the new album “Phenomenon”. We tried to make all the tracks as harmonic with each other as possible, created a single atmosphere, sound, style and manner of performance. It was necessary so the album could be listened to in one breath as one continuous story. All songs smoothly flow from one to another. The album “Phenomenon” exquisitely combines modern genres of EDM, Rock, Pop, Techno, R&B with ethnic musical instruments, traditions and vocals of the indigenous peoples of Siberia. This music is for dancing, meditation, for the soul and vivid impressions.

OTYKEN group consists of many indigenous and small peoples of Siberia: Chulyms, Kets, Selkups, Khakases, Dolgans, Tuvans. This is the only multinational collaboration of indigenous Siberians in the Folk-Pop music genre so far. The culture of the indigenous peoples of Siberia has a close connection with the American natives, the Japanese Ainu and all Turkic peoples.

Members of the music video OTYKEN – PHENOMENON:
Producer, songwriter – Andrey Medonos
Sound – Dmitry Kruzhkovsky
Vocal – Azyan
Big Drum (barrel) – Hakaida
Drums – Maya
Vargan (Jew’s-harp) – Tsveta
Throat Singing – Ach
Igil (Ikili, Morinhur) – Kunсhari
Khomys (string instrument) – Otamay
Bass-Guitar – Aiko
Dance – Sandro