The new single of the ethnic group OTYKEN – GENESIS tells about how it all started. Under the ice – earth, from the earth – flowers, from flowers – nectar, from nectar – honey. We all came from the ice and someday we will return to the ice. OTYKEN band – These are Siberian natives from a small indigenous people (Chulyms). The song “Genesis” tells about the healing of people with the help of nature. It is not only about natural food, but also about the sounds of nature, about fresh air and contemplation.

The music video features a shortened to 3 minutes (Radio Edit) version of the single GENESIS from OTYKEN. You can listen to the full audio track on all digital streaming platforms or download mp3 (Amazon, Itunce and other).

Producer, songwriter – Andrey Medonos.
Sound – Dmitry Kruzhkovsky
Vocal – Azyan
Drums – Maya
Vargan (Jaw harp) – Tsveta
Throat Singing – Ach
Ikili (Morinhur) – Kunсhari
Pot – Kykakacha

The music video featured OTYKEN friends (native people) from a nearby village. Filming took place in the Tyukhtetsky district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.