Khwaab is a simple depiction of what goes on in a new artist’s / dreamer’s mind. It’s like their wishes and dreams start to move from the dream world to the real, in hope of finding a world of their own. This song composed and performed by Anumita Nadesan, and video starring Bhavi Chandiramani is an ode to that curiosity, to those nerves and hopes.

Audio Credits:
Singer: Anumita Nadesan
Composer: Anumita Nadesan
Production: Himonshu Parikh
Lyrics: Rajan Batra, Anumita Nadesan
Guitars: Shikhar
Mix & Master: Hanish Taneja
A&R: Raghav Meattle, Harshit Agarwal
Label: BGBNG Music (Big Indie Bang)

A Last Bite film.
Directed by- Sanjna Krishnan, Rohan Shetty
Concept by – Rohan Shetty
Producers – Last bite films (Sanjna Krishnan, Rohan Shetty) , Shambhavi Singh
Cinematography – Vishnu Dev
Assistant Cinematographer – Sandeep Pillai
Drone pilots- Jibin, Manu