Ulaa is an Ode to Gratitude and how we can find happiness in the little things around us. It is a story of a young woman’s journey, from the hustle of the city to her quaint little hometown and how grateful she is to all the things that made her who she is today, for her experiences, nostalgia and the people in her life.

Director | Editor : Prashanth Monty
Producers: Shravan Sridhar and Niranjan Kumar
DOP : Pradeep Poraali
Colorist : Ashwin Arvind
Casting : Merphin
Line Producer : Firth Eliyaz
Drone : Anand GK
Production Assistant : Ganesh
Special thanks : Gilbert
Creatives edit : Sanath
Regional titles design : Latchiya
Magazine cover : Sucharitaa, Sudharshan (The Stroyteller)

Cast –
Shravan Sridhar
Saathvika Raj
Benz Karungal
Bency Fiona

Music –
Composed and arranged by The Non-Violinist Project
Vocals : Sathyaprakash Darmar
Drums : Kumaran S S
Keyboards : Marshall Robinson
Bass : Sooraj Kumarr
Guitar : Josh Mark Raj
Violin : Shravan Sridhar
Mix : MT Aditya (Offbeat Studios)
Master : Vivek Thomas Productions
Lyrics : Vithya Damodaran , Vinaita Sivakumar