Everything feels a little more wondrous and beautiful when you’re with someone you love. You keep revisiting the memories of your journey together and wanting to go back in time and relive experiences. Celebrate love with our new release “so beautiful, with you”.

Audio Credits –
Mixed by: Richard Wilkinson
Composed by : When Chai Met Toast & Richard Wilkinson
Recording engineers: Richard Wilkinson, Connor Panayi
Recorded at RAK Studios London and 212 Studios London
Bass: Charles Cave
Mastered by: Vivek Thomas at VTP Studios

Video Credits –
A Moon Machine Film

Writer / Director : Kush Kush & Heem Verma
Executive Producers : Jerrin T. Joseph & Ria Singh
Cinematographer : Siddhant Khemka

Featuring Niharika Lyra Dutt and Eklavey Kashyap