“This song is about a miracle. About magical heavenly forces that turn explosions into fireworks, bullets into the rain, and pain into songs. We all want to live in a world without war, aggressors and occupiers and feel this world as a huge joyful festival. But, unfortunately, these are only dreams far from reality,” says Julia.

The band releases the “Festival” single in English and does it right before the Eurovision Song Contest. This year, Great Britain is hosting the competition on behalf of Ukraine and Julia Sanina will front the song contest at three live shows.
“With this song, we want to remind the world once again about the war started by russia against our country. While the world was welcoming the New Year 2023 with fireworks, Ukrainians were hiding in bomb shelters due to a massive missile attack,” continues Julia. “But we perfectly remember the carefree spirit of holidays and festivals that took place in Kyiv and our other cities. We remember the time when fireworks, special effects and pyrotechnics did not remind of explosions. We showed Kyiv during the war in the music video. My hometown, which continues to live despite everything. To live and wait for the most important holiday — the Victory.”

Music by The HARDKISS
Mixing & Mastering: Stas Chornyy