‘Perfect Life’ is Tsumyoki’s manifestation of what his life would be if he wasn’t born into the system of how the world currently functions. He talks about everything he would do, if he had no responsibilities and this track is culmination of his idea of the ‘Perfect Life’.The song structure is dynamic and keeps the listener engaged with monotony breaking transitions. With an overall feel good vibe, the track is the perfect mood lifter on gloomy days and even doubles up as a celebratory anthem on your good days.

Lyrics :…

Music credits
Written and performed by : Tsumyoki
Produced by : Tsumyoki
Additional Production by : Bharg
Mixed and mastered by : Bharg

Video credits
Director/DP : whoisdolma
Editor – whoisdolma
Colourist : whoisdolma
Model: Stefani Pelentir
Dancers : Rae Jaffer, Sickoflow, Harshit, Tanvee, Melvika
Photographer : clicksby.piyushh and the doctor drip
Production : Nikey Film Production
Casting : Tino Mung Entertainment
M/U artist : Naaz make over
DOP Assistant : Zeke Pereira
On ground artist management : Ranen D’Souza
Produced By : Gully Gang Entertainment