“Dariya” is all about finding an escape from the real world & to find yourself once again.

Sometimes in life we stand in a situation where we need to stop & give some time to ourselves. With “Dariya” let’s experience that.

Written, sung & composed by Vismay Patel.

Video Credits:
Featuring: Shriya Tiwari
Production House: Sutta With Chai Entertainment
Directed & Screenplay By: Divyesh Limbani
Produce By: Bhargav Dhameliya
DOP: Mihir Fichadiya
Focus Puller: Nikhil Pires
Edit: Divyesh Limbani, Bhargav Dhameliya
Graphics & Titles: Bhargav Dhameliya
Colourist: Tapasvi Asija, Arts For Production
Art Director: Dhruvin Navadiya
Hair&Makeup: Archa Somaiya
Team Sutta With Chai :Sahil Navadiya, Keyur Lathiya, Yash Tala, Pathik Patel, Harsh Patel, Nikhil Anghan
Special Thanks: Sandip Golakiya
Location: Parth Gajera (Vedant Elegance)