Arbab_Malayalam Rap Song is an exhilarating and inspiring track that is sure to stir something within you. The song creates a uniquely mesmerizing and welcoming soundscape through a mix of traditional Malayalam culture and contemporary rap elements.
The lyrics of this song are incredibly powerful, thought-provoking, and highly relatable. They evoke raw emotions and experiences that resonate with many young people in India. With impeccable delivery and an outstanding command of language and cadence, Arbab elevates the impact of the lyrics to a whole new level.

Direction, Lyrics, vocal: Rish nk
Dop: Sreechand
Editing: Kiran nanu Madathil
Music prod by: MHR
Coloring: Nibu Thomson
Production manager: fazalu
Publicity design: CNA,pramod,nezem
Photography: Aisha moidu
Make up: Glambysuger
Equipments: Am creation
Special Thanks
Salman Ahmed , Ansari Mahe , Dalif Rahim