With much delight we present to you, Traveling Gypsies, a song that is so close to our heart, featuring the very talented 6091.

Travelling Gypsies ft. 6091

Produced by : Tentgram
Direction: Munna PM & Jayesh Mohan
DOP: Jayesh Mohan
Chief Associate cameraman: Rahul Varghese
Editor: Aswin Lal
Colourist : Arjun Menon
Mix & Master: Rex Vijayan
Creative direction, Costume & Styling : Naznin Abdulla
Assistant DOPs: Vinay R Chandran, Vinayak Pradeep
Assistant Director: Nirmal R Varghese
Manager: Deric Jose
Location courtesy: Globetrotter miles to go

Special Thanks:
Fazal, Jasheer, Marzook (Globetrotter friends), Aswathy R, Pimy, Hazeeb, Sujitha menon, Shahad, Amal Christopher, Jabir Shah, Greeshma Antharaman, Ahmed Adnan, Fariz, Fazim, Tentgram friends.

Drums: Joel Jackson P
Percussion: Munna PM, Nithin M Menon, Sreeraj K
Didgeridoo: Munna PM
Guitar/ Oud: Bonny Abraham
Bass Guitar: Aswin Lal
Flute/ Keyboard/ Synthesizer: Libin Noby

Shanka Tribe’s music falls in the genre of natural trance . We incorporate various chants, mantras, and expressions that convey deep emotion through the power of music. This music belongs to a unique and alternative genre in the Indian Indie music scene.

Shanka Tribe’s music is a melange of tribal instruments like Didjeridoo, Djembe, Conga, Handpan, Darbuka, Bongo, Oud, Flute, and so on.