Boondan Boondan Barse Meha,
Kajrari Kaari Badariya,
Aise Naache Mora Manva,
Jaise Banme Mor Papiha

Bheege Na More Pi Ki Patiya,
Ho Jisme Aavan Ki Batiya,
Baawri Tu Aur Tera Andesa,
Saawan Piya Aavan ka Sandesa,
Chal Daale Jhule Bagho Mein,
Phir Mehke Mehndi Hatho Mein,
Sa Sa…Sa Re Ni Sa ni dha Ni Sa ni Pa ga Ma Re Sa Ni Sa
Boondan Boondan

This song is written like a conversation between two friends and describes the separation and the excitement of meeting with their beloved in the picturesque month of monsoon.This is a song for the festival of Teej that is celebrated in the month of ‘Shraavan’ by the women in North India.

Translation :
The rain drops are falling,
And how the clouds have put kohl !
My heart dances with joy
Like a peacock in the forest !

Ohh let not my beloveds letter get drenched
What if it has the message of His homecoming?
Ohh crazy you and your silly doubts!
These rains are itself a message of his homecoming!
Lets put swings in the garden!
Lets put henna on our hands!
Sa Sa…

Many thanks to our super talented friends, Subrat Sinha, an award winning lyricist for the beautiful poetry and Ankita Joshi, for the invaluable inputs and Achint Bansal for directing this video. Featuring on this song is Noor Mohammed Sodha on Jodiya Pawa, a traditional instrument from Kutchh.

Produced by: Suitcase Productions, Mumbai
Music Produced by – Kartik Shah
Composed by – Kartik Shah & Nirali Kartik
Video Shot and Directed by – Achint Bansal
Edited by Pawan Pratap & Achint Bansal ( Studio Vedah)
Mixed by – Devang Rachh
Colorist – Swapnil Patole . Special thanks to After Studios.
Thanks to Pawan Pratap for assisting in editing.

This year our country had scarce rainfall resulting in a draught like situation in many parts. It is about time that we put all excuses behind and ‘do’ our bit. If you like the song, its okay that you dont do a ‘thumbs up like’ but please please plant a sapling ๐Ÿ™‚
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