‘This is a song I wrote by myself about a guy I had a crush on who was also a musician. Our lifestyles were so different, but I liked him so much that I could see myself losing parts of me to mold myself into what he wanted. I was hanging out with a much faster crowd, going to parties, not sleeping a lot, etc. and I had this dream about if I was to actually date this person how I’d be sacrificing my life and my dreams to follow his. I realized it wasn’t healthy for me, and this EP is a lot of reflecting on having to walk away from people and situations that don’t serve me. This video was so fun because I truly got to be creative and bring this dream I had to life, right down to the onstage performance, the t-shirts we used in the merch stand, and shooting it at a venue in east Nashville. This song and video is so true to life, as I like to do with all my releases.’